Alpine Cuisine

Eating is more than just necessary: it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures! A meal is a celebration of taste and, at the same time, an opportunity for sociability and conviviality. Food is passion, and nobody knows this better than Luca, who has based his life’s work on this passion, successfully starting two of Livigno’s most respected  restaurants: Il Camino, located just outside Livigno and surrounded by woods and meadows, and La Pòsa, right in the centre and accessed both from the pedestrian area and from a convenient car park.

“We could define our cooking as modern Alpine: simple, genuine and traditional. Underlying everything are top quality ingredients, always prioritising typical local products, because only by starting with the best can we produce high-level dishes. Every dish and every flavour is the result of research geared not only to enhancing the cooking, but also to protecting and updating products, traditions and techniques which are at risk of disappearing.”
Chef Luca Galli

Simplicity and Flavour

Starting from authentic local products and high quality ingredients

Il Camino

Il Camino restaurant is located at the edge of Livigno, and is one of the best in the area. Here you can sample typical Valtellina dishes and gourmet specialities in a warm, friendly environment. The main dining room has a special feel, enclosed in the fragrance of larch wood that completely covers the walls. At Il Camino we seek to combine intelligent use of new techniques with a respect for the flavours of our culinary tradition.

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foto la posa tartare cucina gourmet

La Pòsa

La Pòsa is a gourmet restaurant in the centre of Livigno, within the four-star Hotel Flora. Here you can enjoy both typical local dishes and Italian specialities, with home-made pasta and excellent pizzas. La Pòsa offers authentic cuisine, and the starting point is always exceptional quality ingredients. And it’s made even better by friendly service, a sophisticated setting and an extensive wine list, with special attention to Valtellina reds.

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